Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Be a Leader Yourself!

Does being a leader really need confidence, charisma and the whole parcel self-help books say? Not always. Suppose you feel passionately about something and are ready to take the trouble to force things to change then won't you too become a leader in your own way? Some people become leaders as there's no one else ready or willing to stand up and thus, they take it upon themselves to hold on to their cause.
We can't have someone standing up for us always. Won't it be good if we could become those beacons of light?

Actually, it's easier  merely to await the winds of change heralded by another than to get busy yourself.

The funny thing about people is the moment you ask them to stand up and submit something in writing about a matter they were so blandly deeming an injustice; you will find they back away as fast as if the paper is live fire.

Self dependence is an enviable trait indeed. Thus, why wait for a leader?  

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