Monday, 21 November 2011

The Raven Song

Pride of one's roots in nature or heritage is something that is on the decline. Most Native Canadian writers have brought this out beautifully. One almost envies the beauty of the ties they share. True closeness with nature - a feeling of Nature as a truly living being is a rarity.

It makes one feel so isolated in a way to lack the sense of family or sharing life. Makes one life so 'I centric' and truly, how many of us take time to make things easier for someone else.

Nature to us is trees and mountains or Wordsworth's poetry. Ever imagine saying to a ginger root as you cut it ' I'm sorry I'm hurting you but I thank you for the nourishment you give?" It suddenly ones a whole new avenue to life. It would be lovely if we too could believe in the fact that each individual was unique and had his/her own contributions.

With globalisation we will all incorporate newer cultures. Instead of falsely holding on to roots we no longer understand would it not be better if we fertilised them with traditions from other lands? What matters is that in the end of the day we have something to fall back on. Something that stops us from losing our minds in a world that shall forever hold chaos and tranquility.

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