Thursday, 3 November 2011

Who Follows the Rules?

The board said that cellphones were supposed to be switched off in the petrol pump premises.

I glanced idlly at it as the attendant filled in the petrol. My phone lay switched on somewhere in the depths of my bag. It seemed too much a bother to put it off and switch ot on again.

Suddenly, I hear a ringing noise.

The attendent who's busy filling petrol fishes in his pocket and pulls out his phone. Then he starts talking as casually as if he's at home. I glance at the board directly behind him.

Well, apparently he's as lazy as I am or just careless.

But then, I wonder how many people bother to switch off their cellphones before driving in. Practically none it seemed as no one took the least notice of the man yakking away. Nor would I have if I hadn't had the thought to blog about this.

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