Tuesday, 8 November 2011

It's a Dog's World

Ever heard the phrase 'A Dog's Life'? It's meant to mean one that is tough and hard on you. Well, if you happen to be a rich dog ( a dog owned by a rich person) in your next reincarnation you'd never subscribe to that view.

What do these dogs have to do? Eat and sleep. Walk or rather ride in the cars of their owners. Actually, you'd see the human staff of such people treated as dogs while the dogs will be more of celebrities. While the driver and maid's pay will be cut lower the dog may get a diamond studded collar for all you know. And seriously, what do the dogs feel about all this?

Ain't it a grown up form of regression where these pets are turned into childhood dolls or stuff toys to be so dressed up and pampered? 

Looking at it from the other side however, let's have a look at the strays. Yeah, they have a tough life though they can eat a plenty by stealing or killing some lesser animals. In Baroda you find them flourishing in most places despite the cases of rabies. And who can resist a cute puppy?

I've seen many people feeding puppies rotis and milk while on the other hand you have human infants crawling the streets who are only pitied and not reached out to.   

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