Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Multitasking Computer - that's what they expect from women

A woman should be beautiful. She should have admirers. Though she may have a list of men after her she must only succumb to Mr Right (That's a tough one). She should be dainty and also refined. Yet, she should be able to do all the chores. Even if she's a professional she should be an ace cook. A woman who can't cook is an abomination. 

Whew! That's just a few things on that list. There's unfortunately too much more to go. 

After ladling out all these duties how can anyone expect a woman to be weak I wonder? Even physically. Washing dishes and clothes, cooking and cleaning, mothering, a job... all these things need discipline, strength and endurance.  

"You can't please them all' too is much relevant in her life. She struggles to manage all the varied people and cater to their wants but yet; somehow she always seems to be falling short. Why else would they rather drown their infant daughter in milk?

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