Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Bottle of Memories

I can conjure it up still
That memory of old
Much more precious than beaten gold
Stored up like a fragrence still
In the crystalline depths of a glass bottle

Youth may fade and time may fly
My very heart may choose to lie
Then I'll open the bottle and take a whiff
Of all those emtions buried within 

You may be gone and I might stay
A mere shadow of today
But I know how I will live
With echoes of the past clamouring on the sill
Then the memories their treasure troves will spill
As I fight the despair away

Fear, many a shadow arisen
Fear darkens the sun's rays
The bottle will glimmer as I open it
Seeking, seeking to find in it again
A grain of the days forgotten
A trivial memory of everyday...

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