Saturday, 5 November 2011

Ban the Hypocrisy

Gujarat a dry state. Yeah, really.

The amount of drinkers in this state must be more than that in places where there is no ban. We all tend to want to do the very things that are forbidden. But what's worse is that people who can't pay for the expensive variety go for the unbranded ones prepared heavens knows how.

Who are they kidding really? What do you get by calling a place a dry state? If it's meant to deter people from alcohol; it's certainly not working. It would be a lot safer and more health friendly if there were established pubs with a drinking age. We would find lesser poisoned by drinking unhygienic alcohol and fewer school children would be tempted.

Hypocrisy and the human society goes hand-in-hand however, and so I guess we should be proud that Gujarat is a dry state where alcohol isn't available on the counter. Though yes, you get several desi versions at the drop of a hat.

Anyway, the drinker gets the drink. People who for moral or political reasons want to project it as dry as a desert get to attach the appropriate label. End of story. Or is it? 

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