Thursday, 10 November 2011

Dog Eat Dog

We may not achieve success in many of our endeavours. Nor can we stand watching the success of others. In the book 'The Inscrutable Americans we have a rather interesting point put across when the writer comments on how most people do their utmost to downgrade those who they feel are superior to them on any front. Praise or genuine wishes of success are a rarity as most people are so fixated on their own personal gains that being generous to others seems going a stretch too far.

We tend to rather wish ill luck than good luck to those we view to be our competitors safe in the knowledge that they probably wish us the same.

What matters eventually is that we don't metamorphorise into mean hearted beings by the time we finally reach the top rung of the ladder of our ambitions. If we do, it's no one's loss but ours.

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