Saturday, 12 November 2011

A Leaf Out of Wuthering Heights

When judging people we always keep coming across this grey area. They can't be confined to black or white. To say Heathcliff was all bad would be childish. It doesn't do to raise ourselves morally by adding to his heap of sins. Why shouldn't Hindley too take the blame or Catherine as well? It seems so easy to accuse someone of turning out bad or not conforming to our notion of the world. But, must the world be always populated with saints?

   Have we till now found that region within our hearts where no evil flits? There must be a bit in everyone just as darkness is inseparable from the light. This isn't an argument to excuse such conduct. It is eventually our characters that lead to the formation of our personalities. Thus, on one end we have a weak Linton taking care of his daughter after his wife's demise. On the other we have a strong Hindley neglecting his son.

Perhaps this is what constitutes the eternal charm of great literature. The characters were as true to the times they were crafted in as the depictions of their personality and motives are now in the present.  

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