Tuesday, 3 January 2012

On Hinglish

This amply illustrates why we in India should concentrate on English. It is a laugh but also a slightly bitter one to see such a state of things. 

dear A- - - -
my all the best wishes to all our students for scheduling the students own made picnic to pawagadh, dhaba dungari and jhand hanumanji darshan on sunday 8 january 2012,
better if u plan on thursday 26 jan 12. also for rajpipla nava gam dam or saputara.
or mehsana water park
or samadaji shrreenathaji
or abu ambaji
or bhavnagar alang ship breaking yard with mukesh agressara sir he is from there only,
or khatushyamaji in rajashtahn jaipur,
but your all choice will be final..
better carry cricket equipments
 home made puri nasta aachhar
good cameras
as this will be the last memory of MBA life time......
god knows whaere all will be from the MBA nest on 26th january 2013....
with regds,
g.r patel.

I have over the course of time from people's attitudes to the English tongue, differ to the point of ludicrousness. Some say we mustn't learn it for they believe in the patriotic motive of boycotting the former colonist's speech. It makes no sense for English is a global language. Won't we all stand to loose if there isn't some common tongue we can communicate in?

Others view it with awe. Some are enamoured with it for they think it marks distinction. In the end, it is just a language and as we mostly like being proficient we might as well, aim to be good communicators.

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