Monday, 28 November 2011

Meditations in the Kitchen

We are all justifiably busy. Thus, though relaxation exercises and meditation may seem so inviting we somehow our unable to enjoy their benefits. If suppose one is unable to take time out specially to do something than why not modify that thing in such a way that it can seamlessly merge into our daily schedule? In a sentence; baking one's pie and eating it too.

I find cooking rather therapeutic. If you can innovate or you can stick to the same old thing. Either way, the work at hand makes you forget all things. You enter a reality where the present moment is important. Being a foodie I also can't help appreciating the fragrances and myriad of tastes.  

If you ever want to play God or creator this is a good place for it's eventually, upto you how the apple pie will turn out, Just following the ingredients won't do as I learnt sometime ago!

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