Monday, 28 November 2011

What the Maggot in the Vegetable Had to Teach

Maggots to me are just ewww! No wonder I desire to be burnt rather than buried. The very thought of serving as repast to a bunch of white worms isn't exactly the way I would like to depart. I came face to face with one recently. My father normally obliges me by getting rid of them. This time however, my mom thought it was too much of a scene.

"Why don't you simply toss it out of the window yourself?"

Immediately an image of a person getting whacked by a pea-pod adorned with a maggot hit me. Throwing it out of the window was no option. That caused me to wonder about the maggot's life. All it seemed to do was eat and eat. There was no before or after. Are we much different from it? And what do we human's look like to a maggot? Are we as repulsive? If not physically then what about mentally?

The maggot probably had some purpose in the design of nature. We on the other hand have a choice to be as lazy as we please. If we truly are as oblivious of life as the maggot seemed at that moment, aren't we much much lower than it is? 

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