Monday, 14 November 2011

Who Do We Blame?

It is a typical situation that has probably been repeated all over the world sometime or the other. The teacher or professor hands you your dreaded answer sheet after a shower of red ink has been liberally used to decorate it and you see that you have done worse than your wildest nightmare.
If we are all puppets in the hands of the gods then by now they certainly should have got tired of this scene. It seems they haven't and to the grief of the general population of students this unfortunate transaction is repeated too often for comfort.

It is surprising how many different things are at fault for such results. Either the teacher was bad, the syllabus too lengthy, the questions out of context or too tricky; and a host of other reasons or rather excuses.

If you score badly the first person to get a bad look is the subject teacher. Astonishingly if one does score well it's usually due to one's hard work and not because the techer teaches well or the paper was easy!

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