Saturday, 5 November 2011

It's a Language After All

Down with English... a true Indian must embrace a regional tongue of India!

Sounds extremely patriotic in all the negative tones as well as being anti-globalisation. Does denouncing a language have anything to do with proving Indianess? That would be a mere show and in fact it would be detrimental as English isn't just any language attached to some particular place. It is a global language for communication.

The main purpose of a language is to facilitate communication. If English serves this platform like purpose then it aids the people being a way of sharing thoughts. That doesn't mean the regional languages must be forsaken or belittled. English in its history too had once been nothing more than a vernacular. A regional language and representative of a country. Thus, a language isn't superior just because it is preferred. There are more factors than patriotism to be seen to.    

In Gujarat there was a time when the then government triumphantly did away with the foreign language. We can see what that has lead to. It has lead most people to stumble miserably on the job front as they attend extra classes in English. It has lead people to be in awe for this language and associate it with modernity.

When all is said and done, it is just a language after-all. It's time to drop the pettiness away. If like true patriots we want India to rise then we must leave off this childish squabble. China is way ahead of us on this front. They have already embraced Hindi.

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