Saturday, 5 November 2011

Death of a Passion

Aspirations, dreams and ambitions. They have become just meaningless words many a time. The struggle to achieve has robbed the wings of the butterfly. If we were to take the ideal situation where one were doing a job one likes; how long would you like it if you had to meet deadlines and face countless frustrations?

Let's take for instance the teacher who loves teaching but is paid a pittance. He eventually may lose interest in teaching when faced with unpaid bills and small returns. We all aim towards the satisfaction of our basic desires. Who would want to live in constant stress?

Is it the drudgery of ordinary existence that clips the poet's wings or causes the writer's block? Is it the low wages that cause the artist to drop the easel? How long can the glory within doing what you love last when faced with the practical sides of life? How long can one fight?

It is time we dare to ask ourselves to be a bit selfish and love our work for what it is. We can't all be idealist but we can try to resolve some of the conflicts. 

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