Saturday, 5 November 2011

All in a Face

It was a face that launched a thousand ships.

We are a restricted race or species. We can't get fat. We can't look too thin. We can't live without make-up. We can't look old. We can't look bad in photographs... it's really an endless list.

We buy sun screen. Wear a duppatta. Resign ourselves to face masks. Hide from the sun. Airbrush our photos... how much do we do to look good - have that to-die-for a youthful looking face.

We are all mortal. So, we'll die. If every second is precious - - - isn't this all a waste of time?

Even if you agree with this I'm sure you will look into a mirror. It is normal. Natural in fact. Extinct built over the years. The source of the constant revenue that cosmetic companies get. Some say the world is at your feet if you look pretty enough. The great Shakespeare himself was a beauty propagandist. Juliet was beautiful and so was Helen. 

Can we ever get out of this circle of symmetrical or aesthetic charm? Till then I guess the universal god or goddess is that of beauty.  

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