Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Stone for Luck

Sticks and stones may break no bones but the humble stones may provide luck! Move over Harry Potter's Felix luck potion and move in a score of rings laden with different coloured stones.

While one may be for luck, another may be to sooth that molten temper while yet another could cause the wearer to feel relaxed!

I'm sure they do have some effect otherwise people won't bother to carry that weight on their fingers. However, it does get a tad out of control. You may have seen people with every finger decked with the appropriate ring. Now that seems going further than too far.   

How can anyone accuse the human race of lacking the faculty of fate or belief in these modern times when this craze is still around. More than some religious emblem you'd fine people sporting these rings.

The charmed sellers of these charmed wares have thoughtfully set shop right outside my university. Thus, in case you feel under prepared for an exam all you have to do is procure the right ring!

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