Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Horror Scope - Why Baroda Times on Sunday Is Hilarious

This time it's poor Shani who's supposed to be responsible for all our woes. If you've happened to glance at Baroda Times on the 6th of November you'll be in for a laugh. As long as you're not serious about this stuff.

A general summary is that everyone will be unwell and unhappy so that's a consolation in a way. Reading it prepares you for the worst.

Every sun sign will go through difficult relationships, financial and health troubles. That's rather diplomatic. If you don't have one problem you might chance to have another. I think Pisces was the worst as 'death like suffering' was attributed to it. Well, after reading all that doom and gloom I did feel reassured as what was written was the worst that could happen.

Though what if you do take this seriously? Perhaps psychologists should make a study on depressing horoscopes being a cause of depression in some. I'm sure their more pressing issues than this brand of fortune telling.  

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