Thursday, 3 November 2011

Toy Story

Do inanimate things have life? Well, the name apparently states the opposite so most probably they don't. Though it's good to speculate.

Either way, yesterday I realised my 3 month old nephew was better at repairing things than I was.

It all started with the robot. It was an old toy of mine. Rather life-like when on. To make a long story short, it wasn't moving anymore though the voice chip worked.

Well, the infant just grabbed it in an arm wrestling like hug and promtly knocked it over. My summation was that after such a tussel the voice chip also wouldn't play.

It did work.

To the baby's infinite delight and my surprise, the robot started moving. Better than the last time I'd seen it with detarmined Robocop strides. On three batteries instead of the required four.

So, that's how that story ends. Oh, and about that robot; it's still working but it doesn't sound as enthusiastic as it did when the baby was busy squelling beside it.

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