Monday, 28 November 2011

Maintaining a Balance - Learning Politics in the Classroom

Balance is much sought after by the spiritually enlightened. Skulduggery and political balancing is not new withing our education system. If it manages to prevail everywhere then why would it evade the temple of learning? 

Flattery does get you far if you use it at the right places or on the right people. Don't look surprised. It's a widely accepted fact. However, let's take heart as not everyone can be pleased so. It is terrible when this happens though. There are so many students out there who may be only average but work hard and not to be able to reap the fruits of their labours is painful to say the least.

Favouritism exists and is an evil but how do you nab it? There's really nothing one can do indeed which leaves those who aren't politically inclined to be left out in the cold. 

It is a pity for such weighing on scales here actually decides the merit of the students. How does one know whether the examiner has merely skimmed through the paper or is feeling frustrated or bored and venting it out through the marks? It's like a game of dice. It's not what you write that counts to some extent your luck does too.

If the gods cruelly play the game of dice with us, many students will testify how they too have met the same fate albeit through mortals.

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