Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mirror Image

Imagine not looking at the mirror at all. Not even a casual glance in the morning or before stepping out of the house. How would it feel?

Looking in the glass is not merely for the apprearence aspect. There's looking 'at' the glass and looking 'into' it. A person once told me that it's reassuring to look at your face in the mirror. Suppose you didn't have one how would you know what your physical self looked like?

Is it merel about this identification of the physical self or also is it about the self-image and what the others see?

How many of us overpower the urge to glance into a mirror or shop display glass in which one is reflected?

Is what we see in that mirrir what others see? Or do we look preetier, uglier, darker, older... than the selves that the people around us see on our physical being?

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