Saturday, 5 November 2011

Talking Back Isn't Feminism

Does being loud about woman's rights automatically qualify one to be a feminist? If yes, then what about people concerned in gay rights? Toni Morrison in the preface of her work 'Sula' spoke about how being a black woman writer her work would be automatically added to the annals of post colonial woman's writing. Is this tag required?
If a woman asserts her rights, follows her opinions must we always hold that feminist tag in mind? Can she not be just a woman? What do we call a man who does the same? Isn't the need for the tag bringing out the demarcation even more in a way?

Most writings of women writers about woman are viewed with the feminist glasses on. Can a woman not write back out of the simple pleasure such catharsis causes? What is the use of branding and boxing it up? Why take a character who breaks the archetypes of patriarchal thinking as a feminist? Why not call her as a woman who thinks or has her own mind or can hold her own?

Let's keep it simple. Talking back is just talking back.

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