Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Why Talk About Sin? - No Paster Manders, no more talk of sin

Religion in most cases would be truly poetical if the judge's hammer didn't fall on every second step. Sin seems to be the main concern of most devoted people (I mean the "'thou shall not sin' but I can" ones).

Sinning has become a rather loose term if you'd excuse the unintentional pun. Eating chocolate too has now entered the ranks of a sin, what next?
Is it so necessary for adults to have a boogey man to scare them away from doing wrong? 

The worst of this scenario is when some folks insist on taking each sin at its literal value.

Even worse than this is when individuals go to the opposite end. Why must one consider this life a vale of tears? Ibsen in his play 'Ghosts' has brought this point out rather finely.

It would be indeed terrible to think of the sins of parents being passed on to their children. Isn't that condemning innocents to suffer? To compel a person to bear an unfair cross while one merely watches content in the peace of one's life is a farce.

It is easy to say that another should do this or that but when the burden falls on oneself then we bend the rules.

Paster Manders willingly placed the cross on Helen's shoulders for aferall, it is easier to see another suffer than suffer yourself.

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