Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Extinction of Books

Move over paperback or hardcover books; welcome E books!


Leaving aside the romantic notions of how good it feels to actually own or possess a book or library; one can't be that extreme as to sound the death knell to books that have seen the ages. Still, one shouldn't denounce E books either. The electronic version is much easier to lag around and you can also download the book for free.

As common to such scenarios, we have the two faces of each coin coming in. Our normal paper books do tend to be very fragile(just recall the state your textbooks were in - mine were rather mauled). On the other hand, it is an eye sore to read an entire book through a screen.

Actually, looking at the brighter picture; this up-gradation of reading material clearly shows the prominence of books in people's lives. We are reading. I wouldn't stress this so much if it wasn't for the past suppositions and debates that books would get extinct as the reading population declines. That theory won't fit now.

Books are here to stay even if E books are there. We should welcome both infact as they provide alternatives. Sort of like shopping online when you can't go to the mall.

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