Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Myself So-and-So

After all those articles we've read ridiculing our Indian brand of English it would be good to say something in its favour.

Recently, I heard of a new constellation. The 'Great Beer' i.e. 'Bear'. Now there's no harm done in naming it otherwise though it is confusing. But, can't you see the opportunity of mirth that it presents? Free laughs for all.

There's no need to be 'soory' or rather 'sorry about it. We have made a new form of English quite different from that which we have been force fed. This shows our originality. Be proud of all our linguistic variations.

As for this intolerable fixation with the word 'dear'. From letter writing it moves on to usage everywhere even in chat rooms.

Example: What are you doing dear? Dear are you online? Dear please bear with me... etc etc etc.

Oh, dear me there's another worse one than that. People in heat of irritation have often even said "How dear you" instead of "How dare you".

But all in all we have been successful of propagating this new variety in the English language. You'll find it spicing all corners of the country. Long may it live to spread smiles around. Right dear?   

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