Thursday, 24 November 2011

So What If I'm Studying Arts? - To Each His Own

It is aggravating. if I've ever contemplated murder this would be the closest I could get.

"But why have you opted for arts? You got good percentage in 12th..."

If I were a dog this would be the time to raise my hackles.

(With a much perplexed shake of head) "There is not much scope. You won't earn much."

Mind your own business I feel like yelling.

"You want to be a writer! They are normally very poor."

Correction, who said contemplate murder? Someone pass me a knife...

I can never stomach these conversations. Intolerable just doesn't sum it up. I shall never really fathom why this bias exists. The world can't be populated with people just from commerce and science. Nor can only arts rule it. Everyone brings something to the table eventually. We need our farmers and cowherds and gardeners just as much as we need our politicians. 

BUT... It doesn't make the least sense to be so stereotypical to one stream of thought. Don't worry I shall not launch into defense of the arts campaign. I'm more interested in a platform where I can rant my rage at those fools (Ah! for once I agree with Pamuk's Hoja!) for repeating the same things again.

To each his own. Can't see why everyone should follow the bandwagon after all.


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