Thursday, 1 December 2011

Being Two Faced Pays - A Little Butter is a Must

The truth only matters fundamentally in storybooks. Or perhaps one day we will find it existing only in myths. Power is important and thus, those who have power also win the right to be buttered. Why? Because it is really difficult to win any battle if you are the more vulnerable party.

Flattery does get one far and so does having connections. It's rather hopeless so since if when one lives in Rome one should be a tad bit like the Romans - we should at times adopt these measures repulsive as they seem. It just won't do to be at a disadvantage due to some petty thing like this. Nor can one let others take advantage of such a situation.

There is a line to draw however. It would be good if we too like the wise pig Ace know when to be humble and when to assert ourselves.

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