Monday, 21 November 2011

Love Triangle Diversified

The Love Triangle is much feared (by those entrapped in it) and causes much amusement to the observers. However, it would be an over generalisation to believe it to only confine lovers. Why can't one's parents too become one angle while the other is caught by Mr or Ms Right? This is more common a theme to our Indian love sagas. Me, my boy/girlfriend and my parents.

Either way it is funny when you think about it. Who do you favour and how do you remain balanced? This is something most ladies will be more familiar with. At times even the smallest of actions can raise a debate just because one party feels neglected. Rather childish perhaps, but aren't we all children at heart?

For example on the other evening I heard a young girl say to her boyfriend in a shoe shop, "What! You are buying such expensive shoes for your mother and on Diwali you bought me much cheaper ones! That means you don't love me...." etc etc.

There can be far more tricky situations as when your parents say one thing and your other half suggests another. So, who's point would you go along with? if by chance you agree with either one then ten to one, the other party will feel snubbed. 

The best comedies are indeed family dramas.

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