Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Beauty is Only Skin Deep? - Who are we kidding?

Aesop in his fable said 'Beauty  is skin deep' and we like the hypocrites we are go around commending this while actually in our heart of hearts we know how true it really is. Eyes demand beauty for whether or not we be artist or aestheticians, we all crave for some eye candy. It is a great first impression maker.

But why then in the end of the day should we stick to this proverb? Is it for consolation to ourselves or others? Yes, I'm not as pretty as I should be and all those cosmetics aren't helping so since beauty isn't skin deep who cares? If we are so impressed with beauty why should we hide it?

Beauty parents still abound, though they look more like catering to the list of life like Barbie dolls than real beauty. That leads us to another concept: just what is beautiful? How do you measure it? What is the criteria? 

One does pity the leopard though. It's beautiful spots put it at risk as people do covet its fur. Considering that, yes beauty is literally skin deep but it doesn't apply to our mental make-up.  

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