Thursday, 3 November 2011

Another Lord of the Flies?

Good and bad is said to be lodged in each individual's soul. So, we are all saints or gods as well as demons.

Nehru believed that fear of the unknown was what had made people flee to religion. As we pushed a god to light the darkness we also invented a devil to create the darkness. It' snice to attribute all evil as something caused by a devil than by a human being. Who would want to think of one's kind as so degenerate?

The evil outside is focused on much more than that which resides within. Are we inherently good or are we bad? Is it a balance of both? Temptation isn't all from outside influences or people. A lot comes from inner longings as well. Do we have the courage to recognise it. More importannt, do we have the pluck to face it?

It's so simple to complain about the government, how insensitive people are becoming, the dirt and pollution and corruption all around. What are we doing? Are we adding to it?

God banished man freom the garden of Eden. Or was it that man banished himself? The death of innocence wasn't the real sin perhaps. Maybe, it was the knowledge of the evil within and the power its weilding gave. Who wouldn't want to play god? How many can really shoulder the burden?

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