Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Life Beyond Books
Being a bit of a book worm myself let me warn you that this article does not absolve our species from the act of reading.

However, realistically speaking, books aren't everything. Now that I've said it, I'll quietly await the time Hermoine Granger will take to put a hex on me for saying that.

True knowledge (without meaning to preach) cannot merely reside within the pages of a book. Since, we are living in this world it is important that we know about life around us. It just won't do to imagine all the wisdom of the world contained in a tome for there cannot be theory enough to describe all our manifold experiences.

In a way, living life outside books will give us a chance to ponder on the lessons we have learnt within their lines. Thus, we can glean more wisdom from practical experience and also by falling back on theoretical knowledge.

Most writers would agree with the point of view that in order to capture the essence of life one must live it first. 

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