Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Overdose of Reality

Reality TV has hit a spot with mainstream audiences with several people gushing about the shows and religiously watching and discussing them. What exactly is all the hype about? What can be remotely entertaining in watching real life squabbles and break ups and patch ups and intrigues(and let's face it, most of it has been pre-planned)? 

Reality TV
I was just passing by a minor accident scene today. Both parties were engaged in wrestling apparently o the middle of the road and we have people on both sides trying to stop the tussle. The majority were the on-lookers. In fact, several more accidents would have occur ed as the passing motorists were so engrossed on looking back at this scene of carnage. Such hype is worthy of reality TV.

Plus, is what their showing really reality? It's a much hyped and exaggerated version surely. It seems that many a programme that has no story or theme line can easily pass itself off as such a hybrid product and avoid censor. In the ratings game it's all eye catching stunts that matter.

In the end of the day, reality isn't what you see. It is what you have around you. Why watch someone else's life? I'm sure ours is as captivating. 

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