Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Wedding Resume

The world revolves around resumes. A successful resume ensures not only a good job but also a spouse! How true Jane Austen was when she commented through the character of Mr Bingley in Pride and Prejudice; how every young lady is described as accomplished.

Recently I received a fresh intelligence from a friend on this topic. It seems that now not only cooking and education are skills looked for in the prospective bride. We have modernised and thus, computer efficiency too is required. I haven't received specifications on this front too nor has dictation or sorting out e mails reached this list. Otherwise we'd have the additional burden of seeing the prospective bride an accomplished secretary as well.

Therefore, what scientist have debated about and pondered over is coming true. Gadgets are taking over our life! How much simpler life was for Austen's heroines while our modern lasses are compelled to learn a dozen of new skills while they still, retain the traditional ones! 

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