Saturday, 5 November 2011

What Will the Neighbours Say?

Ever had that thought in your head? If 'yes' then congratulations! You have now joined the ranks of the many people before you who have thought the same. Isn't it an awful bother to have to worry about the many neighbours that live around you? Several would agree.

We all condemn gossip. When was the last time you indulged in it? The neighbours and what they might think turn most people into real life secret agents that conduct their activities with spy like precision. 

If we are really as busy as we say it is a wonder that we have time to think of the neighbours at all. A friend of mine is scared of talking too long on her cellphone as the gossiping women near her house are more than content to send exaggerated reports to her family.

That is the perfect example of meddlesome.

Here, in India we boast of having the 'one big family' ideology so poking your nose where it's not welcome becomes the norm. You can't marry at times(if it's in a another caste or religion) because of what people will say. How can you please everyone and why should you? Isn't it enough to live with proper ethics and standards ?

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