Saturday, 12 November 2011

Has Mankind Evolved?

Yes, we have, haven't we? From made simple inventions like the wheel we have made tremendous progress. Have we altered however, mentally? Just like those savages we were of bygone days who were ready to kill as they was no law against murder- we still do, though there is such a law. It is our reasons that have change. A  rather prominent trend is killing in the name of religion. The real cause is however, more akin to intolerance.

Can we call ourselves civilised when during riots many plunder shops or add to the chaos? Are we civilised when we resolve a traffic accident with fist fights and swearing? Can we really call a civilised man a person who wouldn't mind pocketing money that isn't his and does so with a certain pride?

Darwin was right about how well we adapt. We all have adapted so well to this sorry scheme of things that we hardly realise that the world we live in is more in danger of being killed by our inhumane actions than by our enviornmental ones.

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