Saturday, 5 November 2011

Eat, Pray & Love - A Reality?

The tile doesn't need much explaining even if you haven't seen the movie or read the book. Three words. BUT - is it possible or is it something that can only be monumentalised in the pages of fiction?

Eating is important. Though we don't live to eat we do eat to live. With all that anorexia and size zero going around we are on a self-imposed famine state of existence. What about praying? Do we have the time for that? Even if you did pull sometime out what would you pray for? Would it we merely giving god a list of things you want or dutifully thanking him etc? Where is the self-discovery in that one wonders.

Lastly, love... we are all so engrossed with that word. We even have Valentines day for it. It must be practically the most abused word in the dictionary. We love ice cream. We love books. We love god. We love our parents... That does give a good picture of this emotion indeed.

Do we have the time or inclination to take these things the way they are meant? Pray more for introspection than a wishlist; Love for individual qualities and not for mere materialism?

It goes back to that popular debate topic which kids are forced with in school ' The World Being So Full of Care that We have No Time to Stop and Stare'.

The only way we'll ever get down to doing this is forcing ourselves to stand and stare.

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