Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Who Said Women are BAD Drivers?
When there is an accident on the street and the passers by see that a woman was the cause you might have heard the refrain "Oh, no wonder there was an accident!"

When I watch my friend Sheeja driving I do feel there might be some truth in that. In her case at least. According to her, turning or driving on a busy road is mortal peril equivalent to battling with a dragon. Sheeja on a scooty pep is a stiff mannequin of her normal self.

But that doesn't mean that mars isn't a bit funny behind the wheel. I've seen guys who are so busy looking at themselves in the rear view mirror that they invariably find pride goes to a fall or rather skid.

It's too stereotypical to label women as bad drivers always. Unless of course it is a ploy used by male drivers to increase their self esteem or confidence.    

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