Wednesday, 23 November 2011

When the Truth Goes Unheard
To believe that the truth always triumphs is like believing in Utopia. Not wanting to throw cold water on our fond hopes let us not jump to the conclusion on the other extreme, that truth may never out.

It would be fatal to think that truth can always win as thinking back to our own personal experiences, has it always been the case?

I remember vividly how I was once accused of stealing a pencil case in the 6th grade. It was a terrible moment for try as I might the teacher refused to believe me. It is a pity indeed that in most cases we find people are more easily lead on by lies than the plain truth.  

Imagine if your friend were to say as she displayed her newly brought dress and asked "Don't I look slimmer in this?" and you truthfully (much to her mortification) replied, "No, I think it's much the opposite..."

Perhaps white lies aren't so bad after all. 

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