Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Who Said Marks Weren't Important?

Marks are important. If you've heard otherwise it is a lie. It is one of those things which are sadly true. Even I wish it was otherwise but that would be mere rose tintedism. We are unconsciously programmed into being impressed by high grades. Isn't that the reason exam stress is more in the aftermath when results are approaching?

One wonders whether it is only the psychological need of achievement that makes us so. Or is it the direct result of social conditioning? Students have killed themselves literally over low grades. We all say that yes, they shouldn't have. Academic performance isn't the only measure of potential in life. At the same time we ourselves view others in this light.

Typical neighbour example:

Neighbour 1: Mrs Gupta have you heard the H.S.C results are out! My daughter has got 87.01% !!!!!!!!!

Neighbour 2: (wearily) Oh, yes I heard. Congratulations. Now if you'll excuse me...

Neighbour 1: How much did your daughter score? Even when i was checking Priyanka's report card online I was praying that Sacchi would atleast pass.

Neighbour 2: (embarrassed but resigned) She has managed to score 65%

Neighbour 1: Oh, well it is tolerable. She has passed and done better than I thought she could... Though yes, it is very low....

With such a state of affairs what more it there to say?    

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