Thursday, 3 November 2011

King of the Roads

They did it again.

As I passed by the Raopura Post Office I noticed the unacustomed bareness embracing both ends of the road. There seemed to be less people too.

A quick glance made comprehension dawn. The police had towed all the roadside stalls again. No tea stall, pani-puri laari or gutka stand in sight. Only a week ago they'd done the same thing. Now they'd earn a quick buck again by charging 1500 rupees as a fine.

Well, that's not my problem or yours but there is some psychological amusement to be derived. Like the time my mobile repairer friend was fined rupees 50 for not wearing a helmet and he offered to fix the policeman's mobile phone's body in order to worm out of shelling the 50.

These stall people are stubborn though. They pay up the fines and then their back in business again. It's something that just keeps happening. Wonder where all that money goes? It certainly doesn't go down the food starved poor citizen's throat. But who cares right? 

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