Wednesday, 16 November 2011

All This Debate On Weight

Global warming, terrorism, corruption and the like; do not hold our attention as much as one topic does. How to stay slim or how to lose weight etc etc, is what has caused the world to be populated with more books and CD's and even yahoo answers. 

I have a friend who makes a point of always asking me with increasing alarm : Do you think I've become a bit thinner?

I'm happy I don't own a weighing machine or I too might have kept jumping on it oft and on after a binge.

It just won't help if we try to turn back time and ponder where this obsession  unhealthy as it is for some; actually started. Most of the models we see of the goddess Venus are quite the opposite to size zero.

Just recently a classmate of mine quite seriously declared that she would walk briskly to the hostel in a miraculous attempt to lose a kilo. Quite inaccurate or too rose tinted an image. But, looking at the bright side one must commend the aspirating spirit beneath.

It won't do to say a healthy weight is enough if that healthy weight leaves a few bulges. Let's face it, no one is going to change their view or secret worry. Nor am I. 

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