Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I Thank the Baroda Police for Arresting a Man Who Stole 10 Rs Desi Daaaru(Alcohol)

Gujarat is a dry state. Translation: you may get alcohol under the counter if not over. More elaborate translation; you needn't worry about the police. They make enough money from the alcohol sellers and thus, they may even fine you in case you are caught to make a little extra money.

I won't take names but the man I'm talking about was dragged off rather regularly for being drugged. It so happened that yesterday the police beat him up as the alcohol seller and his wife complained he had stolen Rs 10/- worth desi daaru from them. The police beat him up infront of passers by. We don't need sports like Gladiators in India. We have enough of such antics in open public display.

The alcohol seller too began venting out his anger. Our Indian women are rather submissive and know their place. Thus, his wife too launched on a slapping match as she slapped the poor culprit with the gusto of a professional.

Then he was locked up and fined.

End of story.

The wind may be dry here in the summer but - well, the rest is for you to decide. It must be a dry state... this must be a stray act right? How naive can one be?    

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