Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Let's Have Some Peace!
Peace is considered to be highly elusive. Probably akin too the elusive butterfly of happiness. We even have books on the topic providing a blow by blow account on the steps one must take to arrive at the doorstep of peace. What truly is peace? it can't merely be silence nor can it just be peace of mind. Can it be something we carry with us throughout our day?

It clearly is subjective for peace can be attained from the pursuit of a goal, achievements or even something as simple as eating a bar of chocolate  Perhaps there are varieties in the peace to be had. The common sort of peace, the spiritual peace, the enlightened peace, the I've-finally-got-what-I-want-now-I-can-take a break kind of peace. 

What really counts is no matter which type we are seeking we should be able to hold on it enough to be content for a few moments in life before launching into the chaos of living again.

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