Wednesday, 30 November 2011

There's More Than Merit Behind Those Grades... Sad But True

Unfortunate as it may be, we do not live in Utopia. All of ours our human, even our educators, thus, they too can be as corrupt or petty as politicians. Once the rose tinted glasses are off you see that our educational system is no less corrupt than most government offices are let out to be. 

Recently a friend told me how she was marked unfairly. This wasn't an occasion of a student who was trying to pin the blame of low marks to a professor. Genuine pain shone in her eyes. It angered me greatly cause I could empathise. Note 'empathise' not 'sympathise'.

I wouldn't say all my examiners have been unjust. Some of them I respect very greatly for their fairness for I haven't bothered to attend their classes and yet find no gall in their checking. These are my true ideals.

I too have corrected papers and have been paid for it at college level. I don't remember lingering on names but many a time I find that it is a trend. Let the examiner be not liberal but just and equal. That's all students really ask.

But we don't live in Utopia do we? Only those to who it matters will suffer till then.


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