Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Little things in Life

Stuart Little would endorse this. In life with all our chasing after BIG dreams, goals, ambitions, promotions, marks, salary packages...whew!... we need to step out a moment and look at the little things. Things as simple and wonderfully free as the fresh cool winter air, the roadside flowers, a goat standing atop a car to nibble at the leaves of a tree overhead...

 Don't we normally miss the glory of the mornings? The subtle way the sun rises and the sky changes its colours... the birds chirping and the tang of ginger tea (adrak chai)... Or even the morning greetings to our loved ones and the early morning hurry of each day.

Aren't these tiny moments ones that take us to our safe places when we our under stress? Aditi Mam did say once that no matter how old you are you do feel the jitters before giving a presentation. That was depressing as I was hoping through the passing of age to lose some of my too nervy nerves before a speech.

When I had to give one last time no confident boosters or meditation helped ease my worry. Instead I savoured the fragrance of dal and saw myself standing in the kitchen with my prince charming (I wouldn't call him that without sarcasm) who was busily cutting vegetables. That was my comfort zone and a memory that seemed more cherishable than a dozen awards.

I think we would all be much happier if we could remember this more often.

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