Monday, 21 November 2011

Woman Empowerment - Mere Varnish for Rape on the Rise

Empowerment of woman. An instance of how two faced things can get. On one hand we boast about the increasing power women weld. And on the other? We sigh as we see the rape statistics rise.

It is not because of the way they dress. Or because they are out late. Or even because men feel threatened by their sudden assertiveness. these too share a part but it cannot be the sole cause.

If a human being were to respect another this wouldn't be the case. How is it that in the land where women are the goddesses that we find the greatest acquittals for such an offence?

Why is it that our women our groped in public streets or that men leer at them at bus stands? Why must the lady be so conscious of her body even when as a young child?

We have shied over the sexual topic. The education we so smugly believe school imparts is all biology. If some parents do talk they get over with it after skating through the biology.

What about love? What about respect? We being humans do not indulge in such passions merely for procreation. Thus, where do the emotions go? Aren't we debasing this act? It is no surprise these men handle lust like animals.

Who will cultivate the sense in them that a woman's body is merely crafted for desire? The media isn't the only culprit. What's lacking is our own common sense.  

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