Saturday, 5 November 2011

Ditch the Dowry

Their darling daughter's marriage is more a matter of worry than bliss. The question that haunts them is: HAVE THEY GIVEN ENOUGH MONEY TO ENSURE HER HAPPINESS?

Pay to get married. If you don't then you better realise that your daughter shall not be happy. She shall be taunted and snubbed. The in-laws and their relatives will shamelessly discuss how much this earth-bound Lakshmi is worth.  

And they say that in India a woman is considered a goddess incarnate. What a joke.

Whether the stars foretell marital bliss or not the amount of jewellry you carry to your new home does. As if the pre-marriage screening session wasn't enough. Imagine walking into a room full of strangers containing your prospective in-laws who oogle you shamelessly from head to toe. Are you looking perfect? Walking perfectly? Do you meet their criteria?

Puke able? Well, there is much worse to follow.

You need to show that you have enough wealth in order to be worthy. The friends and neighbours in your new home will be eager to know how much you fetched. Your not only the new bride. Your the new investment.

Aren't you worth anything as a person that you must pay to enter this house? You who will slave in the kitchen or in the boardroom(in you are allowed). You who are supposed to be an ideal in every way. Why do we allow all this dowry to have such a large say?

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