Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Do We Need a Shepherd?

Religion to the masses has become a crutch. Something that guides them and makes making tough decisions easier. A conformist's life is a lot less complicated than a rebels. The problem comes in when people cease to think and the dictates of religion become even more holier than the law.

The worst is that we tend to be very stringent regarding the gloomier aspects of religion than its universal love philosophy.

This was seen in India in the case of Sati which is still prevalent at times. Then also, there is the view that a person of another religion is unclean because he may consume the flesh of a forbidden animal.

In a way it is very much like spoon feeding. If we believe ourselves to be mature and independent human beings are we justified in being blind conformers to some tradition or rite and ritual passed down through the centuries of which we now do not even understand the true purpose.

Religion must too evolve as mankind does for to remain stagnant is to propagate decay.

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