Thursday, 24 November 2011

Modern Vampires - Let's Not Be TOO Sun Shy Ladies!
It's not only vampires who are shy of the sun. Come summer and you'll find our ladies here to be as sun shy (though considerably less than the ones in sunscreen ads) as the undead.

Out come the duppattas, elbow gloves and cotton jackets. Sun shades are also now in vogue. The sun which we never really mind in childhood is now transformed into a mortal terror. Premature ageing, skin cancer, dark spots and all the jargon of the sunscreen ads dot the lips hidden under layers of lip balm with SPF 15 sunscreen.

Had we been as lucky as the Cullens and had that diamond glow (or whatever it is supposed to be) I'm sure that the cosmetic companies would face a depression.

A little sun is surely good for everyone as let's remember we are mortals and not vampires. Unlike the dew fairy we needn't worry of evaporating in the sun.

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