Saturday, 5 November 2011

The New Name of Gold - Petrol

There's this joke going around that one day you'd have to go to the jeweller to by petrol which will be measure with the exactness used for gold. That day isn't far away if we consider how the prices are forever rising. 

With such rising prices in transportation it seems that walking will prove to be both an economical as well as healthy alternative. So will public means of transport like the bus service. Considering the population of India however, such means of transport aren't really what one would prefer.

The prices have increased gradually and so while a price rise of 1 or 2 rupees or let's be gracious and say 5 rupees; doesn't seem much... it has steadily gone up from the fifties to sixties and nor is gracing seventies.

Life is ironical and indeed, while we talk of alternate fueling we must consider that the two wheelers which are more affordable and crowding the streets all run on petrol. The question we must ask is what do we do in the present scenario. Is there anyway out and how?

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